Hero Files

Welcome to Hero Files. If you are looking for a pretty website, go directly to the links page and choose any of the fan sites listed. If you're looking for typical Hogan's Heroes fan material, such as episode guides or actor bios, do likewise. If, on the other hand, you're a writer of Hogan's Heroes fan fiction and you're looking for information to help your writing, you're in the right place. Hero Files has reference pages of useful information, links to sources of period material, handy online utilities such as name and serial number generators, and more. Come explore the Hero Files collection of Hogan's Heroes fanfic writer's aids ... then go back to writing!

There is now a page of notes on WWII radio protocols and technology. Not much, but enough to avoid grievous errors in writing.

The new Time Machine section is now open! Go immerse yourself in the world of your characters. It's just getting started on content, but there's a lot of useful stuff there, considerably more than the old Materials section had. Speaking of which, the Materials section of this site has been removed, since the Time Machine now has everything it had, and much more.

If you're looking for some quick help with your writing, the information section would be a good place to start. That's where to find the name lists, easily confused words, national currencies, etc. If someone has told you to come here, that's almost certainly where you'll find what you're looking for (try the Grammar and Word List pages). The Utilities section can do various things for you, like convert words into numerous phonentic alphabets or check whether that original character you're writing is edging dangerously close to Mary Sue-hood. For period information, try the Time Machine. Otherwise, just wander around and enjoy Hero Files.

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