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What We Are

Hero Files is an online resource site for Hogan's Heroes fan fiction writers. It is entirely a non-profit volunteer effort for the benefit of the fans and the writing community. Hero Files is all about how to write better Hogan's Heroes fan fiction. Some material here will be useful for any World War II-era writing, and some of course applies to all fan fiction of any genre, but the focus of the site is Hogan's Heroes.

What We Are Not

Hero Files is not a fan fiction archive. It makes no sense to reinvent the wheel when there are several fine wheels linked from our Fan Fiction listing. Likewise, it is not a general purpose Hogan's Heroes fansite. You can find several of those linked from the Online Resources section (the HF webmaster is personally quite fond of WebStalag 13). If you are looking for actor biographies, episode guides, screenshots, or the like, one of the fansites should have what you need.

One of the things that Hero Files is not is an "online community". For Hogan's Heroes fandom, you will find that in the Yahoo Hogan's Heroes group. The HF Forum is a discussion area for writers. It, like the rest of Hero Files, has a narrow focus: How to write better Hogan's Heroes fan fiction.

Disclaimers Etc.

All the usual disclaimers apply. The name "Hogan's Heroes" and the characters, stories, images, and any related material are the property of Bing Crosby Productions, CBS, Rysher entertainment, Paramount Pictures, or their successors in interest. The creators of this site do not intend any infringement of any of the copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property associated with Hogan's Heroes, and believe in good faith that the use of any such material here falls under the 'fair use' provisions for scholarship, criticism, and comment, and works to the benefit of the copyright and trademark owners.

This website as a compilation, including its design, layout, and original graphics, and all original material presented here, are copyrighted. All rights reserved, yadda, yadda. A lot of work has gone into this; please respect that and do not misappropriate this content.

It's sad that it's necessary to say this: Hero Files has no control over the content of external sites. Follow any links at your own risk. While browsing this website, you may encounter opinions you disagree with. Deal with it. People may post things in the Forum that you don't like. We try to keep things civil, but have no obligation to do so. If you feel yourself likely to be hurt by words on a computer screen, you are strongly advised not to use this website or any other except, perhaps, this one.


Thank you GSJessica, AGroovie1, and the many people who have contributed words to the Handy Word Guide. Special thanks also go out to the people who created Hogan's Heroes and made it what it was, without whom none of this would exist.

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