Character Name List

Not quite sure if it's Schultz or Shultz? This is the place to find out. The following list has all of the major characters of Hogan's Heroes, plus some significant minor characters, with the correct spelling of their names and, for the military characters, their ranks in their own army and the American equivalents.


Name Nationality Rank US Equivalent
Baker, Richard American Sergeant Sergeant
Burkhalter, Albert German General General
Carter, Andrew American Technical Sergeant   Technical Sergeant
Crittendon, Rodney British Group Captain Colonel
Hochstetter, Wolfgang   German Sturmbannführer Major
Hogan, Robert E. American Colonel Colonel
Kinchloe, James Ivan American Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant
Klink, Wilhelm German Oberst Colonel
Langenscheidt, Karl German Obergefreiter (?) Corporal
LeBeau, Louis French Caporal Corporal
Newkirk, Peter British Corporal Corporal
Olsen, ??? American ??? ???
Schultz, Hans German Oberfeldwebel Staff Sergeant

Note: The show played fast and loose with a lot of the details. For instance, Major Hochstetter is seen wearing the insignia of a Standartenführer (colonel). General Burkhalter has the right insignia, but his uniform is Heer (Army) not Luftwaffe (Air Force). Also note that there is not an exact correlation between German and American ranks for enlisted men and generals.


Name Nationality Address Occupation
Dubois, Maurice French spy
Linkmeyer, Gertrude German Frau General Burkhalter's sister
Schnitzer, Oscar German Herr tierarzt (veterinarian)
Schultz, Gretchen German Frau Schultz's wife
???, Helga German Fraulein Klink's secretary (1)
???, Hilda German Fraulein Klink's secretary (2)
???, Marya Russian spy
"Tiger" French spy

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